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Introduction to Taiko classes starting Sep 15th... Find out more!

ugene Taiko is a community-based Japanese drumming ensemble that has been performing for audiences throughout Oregon since 1989. Taiko simply means "drum" in Japanese, but Eugene Taiko truly brings its drums alive with powerful beats and spellbinding rhythms. Performing modern interpretations of traditional pieces as well as their own compositions, the members of Eugene Taiko bring their energetic enthusiasm to each of the group's performances.

The current roster of Eugene Taiko includes members, who hail from a variety of backgrounds and range in age, from the very youthful to those slightly more "seasoned." All of the Eugene Taiko performers share a passion for the art of taiko, which provides a welcome diversion from the daily travails of their professional, student or home lives. The group performs regularly for local schools, at special cultural events, and at the annual Obon Festival, Oregon Asian Celebration, Salem World Beat Festival, Coburg (Oregon) Golden Years Festival, Second Star Festival, and many more!

The members of Eugene Taiko are:

  • Nova Anderson
  • Barbara Brasted-Maki
  • Alisa Caves
  • Daniel De Togni
  • Ben Gerhart
  • Celecia Honey
  • Melody Howe
  • Rebecca Lee
  • Helen Liu
  • Lisa Meyer
  • Randy Nishimura
  • Lois Yoshishige

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